Chris Horner, AIA, LEED AP, President of Caidus Design

MLB has shown impressive adaptability when working with vendors, other subcontractors, and with the building end-users. Everyone we’ve worked with feels comfortable with them. They can quickly switch tactics when the need arises, and can adapt to hidden construction issues and owner changes easily. MLB will fully engage in meetings, and they know their stuff when working with existing and new buildings. Their management and paperwork ability is excellent, which is a plus when working with State Construction. With their abilities, adaptability, and dedication, MLB has all the tools and experience to be counted as one of the best local…

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OrthoNY has been working with MLB Construction Services, LLC for nearly 20 years. In that time, they have completed several new construction projects, as well as, multiple renovation jobs. The organization, as a whole, has an outstanding work ethic. They are at all times professional, reliable and always pay close attention to detail. They continually prove that they are an organization that will deliver the project on time and within budget. We trust MLB implicitly.

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Sharon Burstein

“MLB Construction Services, LLC is a first class creative quality company. They put their motto of – “ The first thing we build is trust”, at the forefront of everything they do, with clients, projects, and business. They are a company that firmly believes in investing in their staff to build greater skillsets and teams. With a history of quality for more than 70 years, MLB Construction Services changes lives and builds futures for generations to come. I love speaking at their events and training as their entire team is people centered and results driven.

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Steven D. Schuster

The prime contractors, led by MLB Industries, the General Contractor, did in fact produce a facility of an amazing high level of quality. The level of craft exhibited throughout the building is at a level rarely seen in public projects and the process during the over two years of construction demonstrated considerable team work by all parties.

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Mike Eason

My Construction Managers have given you high marks on the Food Lion renovation projects in Florida and the Carolinas as well, MLB’s ability to stay on schedule and deliver a quality product means a lot to our company.

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Haissam Baityeh

We instantly knew that MLB would be a partner during the construction process, which they truly were. MLB’s professionals were diplomatic, calm, and cooperative in every situation.

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HH Architecture

This project was an extremely successful model of cooperation and teamwork.  Everyone benefited from MLB Construction Services’ commitment to provide excellence in the on-time and on-budget delivery.

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