Carillon Assisted Living Facilities

Various Locations throughout NC These 36,000 square foot facilities are wood framed with prefabricated wood trusses on slab-on-grade. Each building features 64 living units, a main dining room, commercial kitchen, an Alzheimer’s wing, laundry facilities, porches, sunrooms, trellised arbors and patios, extensive landscaping, exercise room and beauty salon.

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Van Rensselaer Village Apartments

This rehabilitation project took place while the Village remained occupied and aimed to provide suitable housing designed to meet the needs of the low income families, while also minimizing maintenance costs, and expanding green space and increasing visibility from units.

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Prospect House

Prospect House This renovation project was completed in two phases and aimed to create an improved environment for student living. New doors, paint, carpet, bathrooms, lounges and kitchens greatly enhance the livability of this forty year-old student residence.

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Union College

Student Housing Units Conversion of three old, well-worn fraternity houses into attractive, modern student residence halls best describes this project. Buildings were gutted and structural repairs were made. Interiors were then fitted with new student rooms, bathrooms, lounges, study and seminar rooms and kitchens.

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Sage College Dormitory

Sage College Dormitory This dormitory is a steel structure with a brick veneer and limestone accents. Coupled with a copper roof, the exaggerated gables add a unique character to match the historic surrounding buildings.

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Beverwyck IV Cottages

Beverwyck IV Cottages This $6 million, 30,000 square foot, fourteen unit independent living community was designed and constructed for the special needs and desires of seniors. These deluxe duplex cottages, feature spacious floor plans, offer a la carte menu services, and provide the latest in independent living. Owned and operated by Northeast Health, each living residence features a full kitchen, fireplace, hardwood floors and garage.

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