GE Building 43

GE Building 43

Construction Cost
Final Amount = $6 MillionSize
31,000 sf

Contract Date
January 2016

Completion Date
October 2016

Design Build
MLB Construction, LLC
One Stone Break Rd
Malta, NY 12020

The GE Power & Water Building 43 was originally constructed in 1952 for what GE said was for use as an industrial clinic. Forty-six years later in 1998, this facility was renovated to enhance their clinic and office space, as well as to establish an on-site fitness center in which MLB played a major role. This state-of-the-art facility provides members with full amenities from locker rooms to showers helping the transition from Fitness Center to workplace be as smooth and convenient as possible.MLB was called upon again, only this time, to provide GE with design-build services with the assistance of McKinney MacDonald Architects, LLC. As this successful partnership continues to build over the years by completing projects as well as reaching milestones, MLB strives to maintain the trust and integrity of what has been achieved since it all started in 1960, on the GE Foundations in Waterford, NY. This 31,000 square foot, 6 million dollar design marks over 50 projects with General Electric and several years working on design-build projects with MMA.